Minimally Invasive total hip replacement

Senior Joint Replacement & Sports Surgeon

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills


About Dr. P Sharat Kumar

Hamstring tendon for ACL Reconsruction

Have over 31 yrs of orthopaedic experience including 11 yrs in UK particularly in joint replacement, arthroscopy and sports surgery.

Have international publications and presented at the FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine, Beijing and American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference, Nashville USA and Indianapolis USA. Served as consultant for Rugby Football League UK, tournament physician for British Masters Judo Championships, sports doctor during 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.and as liaison doctor for Mumbai Indians IPLTeam

Performed surgery on international patients from USA, Scotland, England Netherlands Oman, Kenya, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Tanzania, Australia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Ivory Coast.

Areas of Expertise

Joint Replacement Surgery 

Sports Surgery

Regenerative Medicine